SEP IRA Rollover – The Right Move for the Self-Employed

The SEP IRA (short for “Simplified Employee Pension Individual Retirement Account”) has some very specific advantages and challenges for the self-employed.  In general, these types of retirement accounts are initiated by business owners in order to provide benefits for both themselves and their employees.  It is the ease of administration that makes this particular kind […]

Set up a SEP-IRA Rollover?

SEP  IRA rollovers can be established virtually anywhere you would like to invest – at a bank, a mutual fund company, or a brokerage firm. Is it possible to Rollover a SEP IRA to a Roth IRA? Yes. This particular rollover SEP IRA to Roth IRA can make a lot of sense, because it allows […]

Moving Your Investments to an SEP IRA Rollover Account

If you’re in the process of performing an SEP IRA rollover, you’ll probably find yourself feeling confused during at least one part of the rollover process. Don’t worry – SEP IRA rollovers can be confusing, given all of the various options and SEP IRA rollover plans that are currently on the market. A little information […]

Easy Steps to Setting Up an SEP IRA Rollover

There are very simple steps involved in setting up an SEP IRA rollover. It’s best to take them in stages, making sure that each one SEP rollover step will be completed before moving on to the next one. By following this simple SEP IRA rollover process, you’ll not only successfully complete the rollover, but will […]