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Moving Your Investments to an SEP IRA Rollover Account

If you’re in the process of performing an SEP IRA rollover, you’ll probably find yourself feeling confused during at least one part of the rollover process. Don’t worry – SEP IRA rollovers can be confusing, given all of the various options and SEP IRA rollover plans that are currently on the market. A little information on how to move your investments using this type of rollover should help clear up most of your questions. (more…)

Easy Steps to Setting Up an SEP IRA Rollover

There are very simple steps involved in setting up an SEP IRA rollover. It’s best to take them in stages, making sure that each one SEP rollover step will be completed before moving on to the next one. By following this simple SEP IRA rollover process, you’ll not only successfully complete the rollover, but will also maintain the desired tax deferred status of your retirement investments. (more…)

Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisor about an SEP IRA Rollover

If you’re considering a rollover to an SEP IRA plan, you’ll probably have a few questions to run by your financial advisor before completing the rollover process. In order to get the firm answers you need to make a solid financial decision about SEP IRA rollover, you’ll want to go into this meeting prepared. (more…)

How Will My SEP IRA Rollover be Taxed?

Aside from simply wanting to save money for their retirement years, most people participate in some form of retirement savings vehicle, such as an IRA, because they want to improve their tax situation – specifically, they want to pay less income tax. The fact that contributions to a retirement savings vehicle often have a tax deferred status is a primary selling point for IRAs. When you’re thinking about taking money out of an IRA, as in the case of a rollover, you may have questions about how that will affect the tax deferred status of your money. You’ll be relieved to know that the chances you’ll lose the tax deferred status of your money are very slim indeed. (more…)