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Set up a SEP-IRA Rollover?

SEP  IRA rollovers can be established virtually anywhere you would like to invest – at a bank, a mutual fund company, or a brokerage firm.

Is it possible to Rollover a SEP IRA to a Roth IRA?

Yes. This particular rollover SEP IRA to Roth IRA can make a lot of sense, because it allows you to invest more than the maximum allowed per year in a Roth. (more…)

Moving Your Investments to an SEP IRA Rollover Account

If you’re in the process of performing an SEP IRA rollover, you’ll probably find yourself feeling confused during at least one part of the rollover process. Don’t worry – SEP IRA rollovers can be confusing, given all of the various options and SEP IRA rollover plans that are currently on the market. A little information on how to move your investments using this type of rollover should help clear up most of your questions. (more…)

Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisor about an SEP IRA Rollover

If you’re considering a rollover to an SEP IRA plan, you’ll probably have a few questions to run by your financial advisor before completing the rollover process. In order to get the firm answers you need to make a solid financial decision about SEP IRA rollover, you’ll want to go into this meeting prepared. (more…)